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WSPL Podcast Series

May 2, 2022

Old Time Radio Podcast:    

My Friend Irma – The Coronation aka  Irma’s Trip to England

Irma wins a raffle from her Secretary’s Club for an all-expense paid trip to England and the Queen’s Coronation.  Determined to make all her travel plans by herself over the strenuous objections of her dearest friends, the...

Apr 5, 2022

Martin Higgins - Head Roaster

Martin began micro-roasting roasting coffee in 1996 when he opened his first shop in Columbus, Ohio. After growing that business into 5 locations, he moved on to large scale commercial roasting where he continued to refine his roasting skills. “Diner coffee doesn’t take much effort, but...

Apr 1, 2022

The excitement mounts as everyone gathers at the racetrack to see Mr. Clyde’s new racehorse Laughing Boy compete at the track. But a last minute decision to swap out Laughing Boy for the filly Dancing Girl has Irma racing with time as she comes up with an idea to save Laughing Boy from the glue factory….....

Mar 1, 2022

BIG TOWN: PITTSBURGH LIL - Written by Jerry McGill

The Illustrated Press is the biggest newspaper of BIG TOWN -- a hustling, bustling, scurrying, hurrying, dashing, slashing madhouse -- where everyone works at top speed, driven by the sharp tongue of its merciless managing editor, Steve Wilson. Our scene is...

Feb 1, 2022


(another in our series of Old Time Radio radio podcasts)

Mistaken identities and Valentine’s cards gone astray that end up in the hands of the entirely the wrong person! Listen to our next hilarious podcast featuring the most happy of married couples whose intentions don’t...