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WSPL Podcast Series

May 2, 2022

Old Time Radio Podcast:    

My Friend Irma – The Coronation aka  Irma’s Trip to England

Irma wins a raffle from her Secretary’s Club for an all-expense paid trip to England and the Queen’s Coronation.  Determined to make all her travel plans by herself over the strenuous objections of her dearest friends, the trip doesn’t exactly come off as planned …. And somehow involves Boston Baked Beans in lieu of crumpets and the Red Sox instead of Manchester United soccer.  An hilarious trip you will not easily forget!   God Save the Queen!

This adaptation of My Friend Irma was written by Cy Howard, edited and directed by Greg Triggs, with sound engineering by Alan Kehoe and stage management by Thomas Cambridge. 

Featuring the Act Underground Theatre’s Podcast Players, including: • Janet Burgan * Thomas Cambridge • Tina Gordon • Naomi Holoch * Kyoshin Lohr • Wendy Merritt • Heidi Mollenhauer, • Charlie Trowbridge.... and our announcer Warren Anschutz.

Western Sullivan County Public Library podcast is produced by Dale Blagrove