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WSPL Podcast Series

Feb 1, 2022


(another in our series of Old Time Radio radio podcasts)

Mistaken identities and Valentine’s cards gone astray that end up in the hands of the entirely the wrong person! Listen to our next hilarious podcast featuring the most happy of married couples whose intentions don’t quite match their expectations of a Happy Valentine’s Day

This adaptation of My Favorite Husband , was edited and directed by Greg Triggs, with sound engineering by Alan Kehoe and stage management by Thomas Cambridge.

Western Sullivan County Public Library podcast is produced by Dale Blagrove.

Featuring the Act Underground Theatre’s Podcast Players, including: • Janet Burgan * Thomas Cambridge • Tina Gordon • Aaron Hickland • Naomi Holoch * Kyoshin Lohr • Wendy Merritt • Heidi Mollenhauer, • Matt Nolen • Ken Parks • Charlie Trowbridge.... and our announcer Warren Anschutz.