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WSPL Podcast Series

Jun 1, 2021

n the first episode of The Adventures of the Thin Man we find Nick and Nora at a wedding being held in a fashionable hotel suite in Manhattan. The groom, Arthur Hornsby, is an old friend of Nick's. The bride, Jane, is breathtakingly lovely …. but minutes after the ceremony. . . murder and mayhem ensue!
Don’t miss this old-time radio detective play written by Dashiell Hammett, directed by Greg Triggs, sound and graphics by Alan Kehoe, podcast producer Dale Blagrove, and starring:  Warren Anschutz, Thomas Cambridge, Lisa Gonsalves, Aaron Hicklin, Kyoshin Lohr, Susan Mendoza, Heidi Mollenhauer, Matt Nolen, Ken Parks and R. Scott Porter.