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WSPL Podcast Series

Jan 1, 2022

From the series of The Front Page radio dramatizations

From earliest times, mankind has held in awe and terror the appearance of a meteor or comet in the skies. What would happen in your life if you knew you only had moments to live before an earth destroying comet strikes! Listen and find out what others did!


Dec 31, 2021

Welcome to the Western Sullivan Public Library's newest podcast INTERSECTIONS. A podcast by our local community for people that love and support our community, where we get to meet some fantastic and fascinating local members of our community. People that make this area so uniquely special.

In our very first episode we...

Dec 1, 2021

The truest of loves are found in so many places and often times there are no more precious times than the winter holidays …. yet sometimes these winter days are more difficult and stressful than we would like. Learn more about love, in its many forms, from one family amidst the bustle of the holidays in this latest...

Nov 1, 2021

Romance is the promise of a lover’s kiss whispered on the wind, or the bittersweet, aching yearning for true love. But Romance isn't always a couple holding hands in the moonlight – it can be for someone who wants greasepaint, a spotlight and applause. 

"Stage Door" is the story of a boardinghouse full of young...

Oct 1, 2021

Inner Sanctum Mysteries – The Undead  written by Milton Lewis

Howling winds, flapping batwings, creaking doors, shadowy figures hovering over graveyards….. all this and more awaits you for your ghoulish pleasure. Listen at your leisure to our latest old time radio series The Inner Sanctum Mysteries – The Undead,...