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WSPL Podcast Series

Mar 1, 2022

BIG TOWN: PITTSBURGH LIL - Written by Jerry McGill

The Illustrated Press is the biggest newspaper of BIG TOWN -- a hustling, bustling, scurrying, hurrying, dashing, slashing madhouse -- where everyone works at top speed, driven by the sharp tongue of its merciless managing editor, Steve Wilson. Our scene is the newspaper offices of the Illustrated Press and the next big scoop of former criminal operator turned wealthy socialite is just about to hit the presses, but not without dramatic death threats and ruined reputations!

This adaptation of BIG TOWN, was edited and directed by Greg Triggs, with sound engineering by Alan Kehoe and stage management by Thomas Cambridge.

Western Sullivan County Public Library podcast is produced by Dale Blagrove.

Featuring the Act Underground Theatre’s Podcast Players, including: • Janet Burgan * Thomas Cambridge • Tina Gordon • Naomi Holoch * Kyoshin Lohr • Wendy Merritt • Heidi Mollenhauer, • Matt Nolen • Charlie Trowbridge and The Voice, Warren Anschutz.