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WSPL Podcast Series

Aug 2, 2022

This episode is the third installment of an original continuing series. A sudser. Yes, a seller of soap, based in our Hamlet of Narrowsburg in the 1930s.

That’s right a soap opera called, As The River Turns. This third episode is a chance for you to get to more of the townsfolk.  Last episode we followed sweet, noble Constance as she went about her day.  In this episode we will get to know a little bit about her husband Luxton and a few of the other characters residing in the 1930’s Hamlet of Narrowsburg.

With sound and graphics by Alan Kehoe, and original music produced and performed by Heidi Mollenhauer.  Our Podcasts are produced by Western Sullivan Public Library’s techwizard, Dale Blagrove.

Join us for this monthly continuing series. 

With The Act Underground Theatre’s Podcast Players:  Warren Anschutz, Janet Burgan, Thomas Cambridge, Tina Gordon, Veronica Hernandez, Naomi Holoch, Kyoshin Lohr, Wendy Merritt, Heidi Mollenhauer, Greg Triggs, Charlie