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WSPL Podcast Series

Sep 1, 2021

 Ah it’s Fall…… time to sit back in front of a roaring fire, with a glass of fine wine and the one you love, because it’s time for ... Romance.  During the month of September, the Western Sullivan Public Library and The Act Underground Theatre Company present their latest Old Time Radio Episode  “Mrs. Moonlight”.  

“Mrs. Moonlight” is the story of found and lost love spanning decades, and the family that ages and grows through it all.  A heart capturing tale of true love.

These broadcasts are brought to you by the Western Sullivan Public Library in collaboration with Act Underground Theatre Company, directed by Greg Triggs, with sound engineering by Alan Kehoe, podcast design by Dale Blagrove and staring, Thomas Cambridge, Lisa Gonsalves, Tina Gordon, Kyoshin Lohr, Susan Mendoza, Heidi Mollenhauer, Matt Nolen, R. Scott Porter, Charlie Trowbridge, and our announcer, Warren Anschutz.